Kaiser „Strobist“ Stand Set: Secure Hold for Off-Camera Flashes

Strobist set

When shoe mount flash units are used detached from the camera for off-camera flash shots, the photographer wants to set a special lighting course to achieve three-dimensional or spectacular images. Photographers who use this setup are often called “strobists”, and one of the questions often heard is where to put the flashguns.

Kaiser's “Strobist” stand set is the answer. Stored in a sturdy but slender carrying case there are two stands, two umbrellas and two swiveling joints. The stands have a three section center column and feature a setting height of 70 – 190 cm (27.6 in). The umbrellas can be used as a reflector or for shoot-through lighting due to a detachable black cover. The umbrealla diameter of 90 cm (35.4 in) enlarges the emitting surface of the flashgun for soft illumination.

The metal swiveling joints are tiltable in detents. They have a clamp mount for flashes or lighting units and an umbrella mount. They are also available separately.

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