Big and Flexible: Kaiser Introduces the TopTable XL Vario Shooting Table

TopTable XL Vario

Taking pictures of somewhat larger objects is often much easier when you use a suitable shooting table. The advantage compared with any provisional workaround is quite simply visible in your pictures.

The advantages are quite obvious: The smooth white background makes cropping with your image processing application much easier. In addition the concave-shaped backdrop gives you high flexibility with respect to the shooting perspective.

The vertical part of the background sweep can be adjusted in various angles of inclination from 90 to 150 (60 range). The backdrop is made of translucent acrylic glass with a matt non-reflecting surface. This is perfect for product shots for catalogs, for the internet, for still life and also for technical and scientific applications.

TopTable XL Vario

The overall dimensions of the Kaiser TopTable XL Vario are 116 x 151 x 138 cm (45.7 x 59.4 x 54.3 in) (WxHxD), the level work space is approx. 94 x 90 cm (37 x 35.4 in) and the vertical background is approx. 78 cm (30.7 in) high.

Assembling the table is quite simple because the connecting elements of the frame and the aluminum tubes are already pre-assembled. The scope of supply also comprises four lockable castors, so you can easily move the table to a desired place.

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