Kaiser Fototechnik distributes FIDLOCK products

11. Apr 2023

Kaiser Fototechnik distributes FIDLOCK products Innovative magnetic-mechanical accessories with a must-have feel

Camera Strap SNAPSNAP
HERMETIC dry bag medi

FIDLOCK technology has been used for years in closures of photo and video products such as backpacks, bags and hand straps from leading manufacturers.

For some time now Fidlock had also launched a range under its own brand on the market, offering photographers and filmmakers smart solutions for attaching cameras, smartphones, accessories and drinking bottles.
The range of patented magnetic-mechanical products distributed by Kaiser Fototechnik covers everything from camera straps to lens caps and bottle holders on (photo) backpacks to a multi-compatible adapter solution for attaching smartphones to tripods, backpacks, belts, bicycles, e-scooters, strollers and in automobiles. In addition, there is still a series of self-sealing, waterproof bags according to IPX8 standard for smartphones, tablets, GPS devices, larger and smaller valuables and also maps for many outdoor and leisure activities. Kaiser also offers the well-known FIDLOCK solution for cage-free attachment of water bottles to the bike frame as well as the brand new quick-release adapter for action cams.

The SNAPSNAP, PINCLIP, VACUUM, HERMETIC and TWIST series products all use the unique FIDLOCK principle: magnets guide the closure components, enabling an almost automatic closure that mechanically locks into place and creates a secure connection.

In addition, the Fidlock principle also uses the magnetic power during opening: Here, the magnets reverse their polarity and reject each other. This is why FIDLOCK magnetic closure products stand out for intuitive operation and a high level of comfort when opening and closing with one hand - even when wearing gloves.

Kaiser Fototechnik shows the extensive FIDLOCK photo range on their website at:


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