ACAM-296, Wrist Strap

Code no: 814449

The 20mm-width acrylic tape, which is the same as the existing ring type strap ACAM-295, is a material which feels soft and comfortable when worn around the wrist.

The new ACAM-296 model will be offered in addition to our popular ACAM-295 ring type hand strap. The new and highly versatile loop type hand strap can be used for compact cameras and other digital gadgets. The products is available now.

Weight: 10g
Body Size: L260mm (when flattened and extended to the end of the loop) ×W20mm
Material: Main body: Acrylic tape Joint leather: leather
Country of Origin: Made in Japan

814449|ACAM-296 BLK, black
814450|ACAM-296 RED, red

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