Gear Box Pro ACAM-65D

Code no: 814873

A low-profile pouch, developed to smartly store and carry camera accessories (media, spare
batteries, filters, etc.). It can also be used as multi-functional pouch for gadgets and stationery items. The inner cushion efficiently protects the content. The main pocket, sub pocket, and central partition are equipped with thin gusset pockets (2 small and 1 large) suitable for storing SD cards, etc. The thin transparent PVC gusset pocket has flaps to prevent accidental falls of the objects.
Instead of a handle, the outside is equipped with a loop, convenient when taking the pouch out of the bag or the backpack.

Weight: 70g
Body Size: W210xH120
Material: Polyurethane, Nylon, PVC
Country of Origin: Made in Japan

Code no: 814873

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