ACAM-30 BLK, Shoulder Pod, Leather, black

Code no: 859708

This neck strap is created in order not to strain or put tension on the nape when setting up a heavy lens on your camera. The leather of this pad is the same material as used for the leather edges of the silk cord straps, so it is making perfectly.

The genuine Italian leather is called “Arizona”,made in Toscana and is created by local artisans using the traditional process in the region. Japanese craftsmen combined this leather with the silk neck strap with special taste and style. It deepens its stylish texture, and it comfortably fits the neck. 

Weight: 20g
Body Size: W195×D24 mm
Material: Italian Leather
Country of Origin: Japan

Suitable for: Silk Cord Straps, Pin Dot Straps and Leather Straps up to W 12 mm

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