RSP autoDrive 1.5 Column

Code no: 5613

RSP Column for the professional rePRO copy system. Camera carrier equipped with motorized height adjustment via PC/laptop or cable remote control. Height positions can be stored and retrieved with approx. 1/100 millimeter repeat accuracy. Supplied with "Kaiser autoDrive" control program.

Column height: 150 cm (59.1 in.)
Cross-section: 12 x 8 cm (4.7 x 3.1 in.)
Height adjustment: motorized/computerized
Maximum load: approx. 15 kg (33 lbs.)
Mounting thread: 1/4” / 3/8” exchangeable

Scope of delivery: Column with camera carrier, control unit, cable remote control, various connection cables, mounting accessories, control program (on USB stick).

Additional information:

Column made of multi-chamber special aluminum section, matt black anodized, with printed cm and inch scales. Attaches to rePRO Table Frame (5615), with rePRO Wall Mount (5614) or in Base (5610), for example mounted on the rePRO Table Frame 75H (5618).

Camera carrier made of aluminum die-cast, with motorized height adjustment via "Kaiser autoDrive" control program or cable remote control. Adjustment speed independent of load. Any height position is exactly held via self-limiting worm-gear. Automatic limit stop by magnetic sensor. Camera carrier horizontally adjustable via specially shaped parallel guides with gear rack, hand cranks for right-hand/left-hand operation, two locking screws. Built-in spirit level. Camera mounting plate can be swiveled by ± 90° with high-precision fine adjustment.

Cable remote control for slow and fast travel speed up and down. Four height positions can be stored and recalled accurately with one keystroke. Red emergency stop key.

“Kaiser autoDrive" control program for computer-controlled height adjustment via PC/laptop and for brightness control of the RB 570 AX LED lighting unit (5652). Height positions can either accessed directly or by retrieving one of 500 possible saved “projects” including height position and brightness values.

“Kaiser autoDrive“ control program details:

Direct access height adjustment of the camera carrier via scroll bar with different speed rate.

Pre-selected height adjustment of the camera carrier plus preset brightness level by selecting predefined project. (A project comprises the target position of the camera carrier, a description of the project and, if needed, the brightness settings of the lights.)

The brightness level of each light of the RB 570 AX LED lighting unit (5652) can be directly set via the +/- buttons or by input of a value.

Extensively intuitive user interface, clearly laid out menus. Tool tips pop up when the cursor touches particular buttons or areas (can be switched off).

Clearly laid out project list. Projects can be saved, retrieved, newly created, copied, edited and deleted. Max. 500 projects. List can be sorted by all columns in ascending or descending order, column width can be changed.

Multiple input fields for project description (e.g. camera, lens, focal length, template size), for reproducible results.

Event log to display drive status, error messages, etc.

Actual position indicator (colored frame around the slider). Yellow: reference travel required, green: current height position and target position of the current project identical, red: current height position does not correspond to the target position. Can be switched off.

Position adjustment in millimeters, inches or pulses (more than 200,000 pulses).

Language selectable (German or English).

Emergency stop via program, space bar on the computer keyboard or cable remote control.

System requirements:
Win 2000, Win XP, Win 7, Win 8.1, Win 10, Win 11.


5615 - rePRO Base Stand

5618 - 75H Base Stand

5610 - rePRO Column Base

5614 - Wall Mount rePRO

5616 - rePRO Base Board

5617 - rePRO Trans-Illuminator

5627 - Close-up-Adapter

4421 - Adapter

5652 - RB 570 AX LED Lighting Unit

5641 - Polarizers for 5640 and 5652

5648 - RB 100D LED Lighting Unit

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