NANLITE Forza 60 Kit

Code no: 3750

With Forza 60 LED spot light, BH-FZ60 battery handle (3768) and AS-BA-FZ60 Bowens adapter (3771).

Professional, palm-size daylight spot light for still lifes, portrait photographs, photo and video shots. For even and bright illumination (approx. 18800 lux in 1 meter distance with standard reflector) and for obtaining special lighting effects.

With 60 W COB LED (Chip On Board). Color temperature 5600 Kelvin (daylight / neutral white). High color rendering index: CRI: 98, TLCI: 95. Flicker-free light, free from infrared and UV parts. Brightness can be adjusted in 1 % increments from 0 – 100 %.

The following special lighting effects can be selected: fast, slow and random flashing, flash sequences at random intervals as well as the simulation of light changes caused by TV or a defective lamp.

Built-in radio receiver for wireless control of the brightness (radio remote control or WiFi control box for control via smartphone app available as optional accessories). 512 radio channels can be selected.

A low-noise cooling fan and a large heat sink allow continuous operation. The cooling fan can be switched off (resulting in reduced maximum brightness).

Display shows brightness, lighting effects, radio channel and cooling fan status.

All current settings can be saved together against unintentional resetting.

Power supply via included mains adapter or batteries (batteries not included).

Battery operation with two Sony NP-F750/F960/F970 batteries in connection with included BH-FZ60 battery handle or with one V-mount battery (BH-FZ60-V battery handle or BT-BA-V battery adapter required).

Sturdy aluminum/plastic housing with swivel handle, with carbon look on the side.

The spot light is tiltable on a mounting bracket made of aluminum. Mounts on suitable stands or supports with 16 mm (5/8“) standard spigot or on the BH-FZ60 or BH-FZ60-V battery handle.

Removable reflector, replaceable with other attachments, e.g. soft box, Fresnel attachment or projection attachment (all optional accessories). Using the AS-BA-FZ60 Bowens adapter, attachments with Bowens bayonet mount can be attached to the spot light.

Padded carrying case with removable dividers, mesh pocket inside the lid, shoulder strap, shoulder pad with anti-slip protection, carrying handle and tripod holding loops on the lid.

Scope of delivery: spot light, reflector, mains adapter, BH-FZ60 battery handle, AS-BA-FZ60 Bowens adapter and carrying case.


Light source: one 60 W COB LED
Color temperature: 5600 Kelvin
Color rendering index: CRI: 98, TLCI: 95
Angle of radiation, with/without reflector: 60°/120°

Max. illuminance (lux):
                  with         without     with Fresnel attachment (optional accessory)
                  reflector   reflector   Spot 10°     Flood 45°
at 1 m        18820       3140        38315         8620
at 2 m          4010         760          8650         2300
at 3 m          1685         355          3770         1895
at 4 m            935         205          2080           580

Rated power: 80 W
Operating voltage: 15 V
Dimensions (incl. mounting bracket, without reflector): approx. 194 x 105 x 82 mm
(7.6 x 4.1 x 3.2 in.)
Weight (incl. mounting bracket, without reflector): approx. 830 g (29.2 oz.) 

Mains adapter:
Input: AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Output: DC 15 V, 6000 mA


3769 - NANLITE SB-FMM-60 Easy-Up Parabolic Soft Box

3770 - NANLITE EC-FMM60 Grid

3764 - NANLITE LT-FMM-60 Lantern Softbox, 45 cm

3767 - NANLITE FL-11 Focusable Fresnel Attachment

3760 - NANLITE PJ-FMM-19 Projection Attachment, 19°

3761 - NANLITE PJ-FMM-36 Projection Attachment, 36°

3762 - NANLITE PJ-FMM-AI Iris Diaphragm

3812 - NANLITE AS-GB-FMM-SET1 Gobo Set

3813 - NANLITE AS-GB-FMM-SET2 Gobo Set

3634 - KNP-F960/F970 Lithium-Ion Battery

3633 - Charger

3763 - NANLITE BH-FZ60-V Battery Handle

3890 - NANLITE BT-V-14.8V160 V-Mount Battery

3893 - NANLITE BT-CGV-14.8V-1 Charger

3895 - NANLITE BT-BA-V Battery Holder

3702 - NANLINK WS-RC-C2 RGB and Bi-Color Radio Remote Control

3706 - NANLINK Box WS-TB-1

Subject to errors and technical changes.

This product is marketed for the purpose of illumination for image capture. It is not intended for use in other applications.

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